In a world filled with so many investment options and various products to try, it can become daunting for commercial space owners to look for realistic choices for their properties. When it comes to creating a functional, beautiful space that’s inviting for guests and customers while productive for employees, this can be a tall order to fulfill. That’s why so many business owners are looking to window film to solve the problem. While energy conservation is probably the best known benefit of window film, there are so many others for you to explore. Here are three unique window film benefits for your Long Island business.

Different Unique Window Film Options for Your Long Island Business

  1. Bird strike prevention window film: Also known as bird safety film or fritted film, this unique product is designed specifically to promote bird conservation by deterring bird collisions into your property. If you have frequent bird crashes into your windows and glass doors, this window film helps prevent that so you can enjoy a more peaceful setting along with lower maintenance needs.
  2. Daylight redirecting window film: Are you aware of all the incredible health benefits that sun exposure has to offer? Daylight redirecting film promotes more natural sunlight deeper into buildings in more to boost these benefits. Studies found decreased absentee rates, improved student testing, and other great advantages for commercial spaces.
  3. Interior resurfacing: For a beautiful interior that attracts more guests, improves tenant retention, and boosts employee respect, interior resurfacing is a great budget-friendly way to achieve better interior decor. The vinyl surface film can be installed on a variety of surfaces.

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