Why Window Film For New York Store And Office Security Is A Good Idea

As any retail store owner or office manager in New York knows– crime and theft, in particular, can really destroy your business here.  In fact, break-ins happen all the time to New York offices and retail locations and there is little you can do to prevent it.  Rather, you must anticipate it and mitigate the damages done to you as much as possible.  This includes actually planning for your store’s windows to broken.  Since there is no way to predict or stop a theft attempt on your store in New York City, securing the glass on your retail or office location, so that the intruder can not get in,  is the best way to stop crime before it affects you.

Does Security Window Film Really Reduce Smash And Grab Theft?

Most criminals are looking for a quick score.  They want to get in and get out as fast as possible.  Stores with unsecured windows and doors on the ground floor are the perfect target for this.  This is why your New York City store or office windows need  3M™Safety & Security Window Films and 3M™ and Impact Protection Attachment Systems, to make it harder if not impossible for a would-be thief to finish a smash-and-grab before the police arrive.  While the window(s) may still shatter, the glass will stay intact in the frame and the burglars will either have to work for minutes to get in or more than likely move on to an easier target, saving you thousands in lost merchandise.  Additionally, since safety and security film is almost invisible, the appearance of your store or office front will remain virtually the same–no clunky bars or ugly metal screens like traditional window security systems.  

For more information on the power of security window film watch the video below:


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