Bomb Blast Protection Benefits of Window Film

Schools, airports, secure buildings, and other public gathering spaces are extremely vulnerable to violent attacks. While it may be unfortunate, these buildings are commonly the target for terrorist attacks and mass shootings, especially in an area as populous as Long Island. Having a secure, well guarded building is extremely important for maintaining the safety of staff and occupants. That’s what makes bomb blast protection window films a smart choice for Long Island schools, transit systems, government buildings, and commercial properties. Bomb blast protection film mitigates damage caused by blast events and prevents glass related injuries.

Broken shop window Film in Long Island

Be prepared for emergencies

While a terrorist attack or explosion may seem unlikely, the fact is that they do happen. Accidents that lead to explosions occur all the time in medical labs and manufacturing facilities and schools and public places are frequently targeted by shooters. Bomb blast protection window film can help you stay prepared for emergencies and minimize damage from blast related events. Bomb blast window film absorbs energy from impact and holds broken glass in place where it belongs, keeping buildings and occupants safe.


Prevent glass related injuries

Glass shards are one of the most common cause of injury during natural disasters and explosions. If an explosion or hurricane happens near by your building, the impact could cause your windows to shatter, sending flying glass everywhere. Injuries caused by broken glass can be severe enough to be life threatening which is why it’s important to take precautions. Bomb blast window film can help keep staff, visitors, and students safe during blast related events and prevent injuries from flying glass shards.

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