Homes are expensive and it makes sense that looking for ways to cut corners is always on every Long Island homeowner’s mind. There are ways to do this and, definitely, ways not to. When it comes to window film–going cheaper is not a great idea. Especially when for just a few more dollars per square foot you can get a fantastic and incredibly effective film for any issue you are having on the windows of your Long Island home.

Issues with Cheap Window Film

  1. Cheap window film is not likely going to block all UV rays. You see, the light spectrum is made up of various rays. Some that are harmful–some not. Cheap film may only block about 70% of UV. While, some more expensive films block 99.9% UVA, UVB, and UV.
  2. Cheap window tints almost always look too dark or metallic. This means you block out the views of your lovely Long Island neighborhood and make your home windows look dated.
  3. Cheap window film doesn’t have the best warranty available. When you opt for more premium window films–the better protection you get from malfunction and break down. 
  4. .Cheap window films tend to bubble and peel sooner than more expensive films. This can occur even if they are installed by a professional. We typically don’t carry films at this lower price point for this very reason. 
  5. Cheap window film rarely has the same amount of choices for homeowners. This means you may not find one at a lower price point that does exactly what you want it to do. This is especially true of decorative window film. 

With so many affordable window films option available for your Long Island home–there really is no reason to cut corners and buy cheap film. We typically don’t carry films at this lower price point for this very reason. Contact us to start a conversation on window film price points for your home today.