Your home’s interior says a lot about you. From the colors to the flooring and paint on the walls, your home tells your story. So what happens if you notice that some of your colors have faded? Long exposure to unfiltered sunlight can leave your home looking old and worn. Fortunately, there is one way to combat this process. If you have fading colors, it’s time to consider window film for your Long Island home. 


What Is Window Tint: How It Prevents Fading

If you’ve ever seen a window with a slightly darker shade to it (though some are clear), you’ve seen window tinting in action. Window tint is a coating that goes over the exterior of a surface like glass to provide extra protection. Here are the ways window film in your Long Island home can prevent your interior from fading.


Provides UV Protection

All window film serves to filter the harmful UV rays present in sunlight. By acting as a shield against UV rays, window tint keeps harmful radiation out. Since untreated glass can allow up to 50% of UVA rays into your home, it’s vital to provide a filter. 


Acts Like Sun Block

Besides helping keep your temperature regular indoors, window film on your Long Island home keeps sunlight out. Prolonged exposure to sunlight damages and fades fabric and color which leads to your home looking worn out. Keep your interior invigorated by installing window film!


Take the First Step towards Protecting Your Home!

Protect your home from UV radiation and sun damage. By scheduling a free consultation with us, you can find a fade prevention solution that fits your needs. Our installation process keeps your goals in mind while ensuring immaculate results. We’ll make sure you get what you need with a product line that works for any budget. 

Angus Faith is a window film installer working in the Long Island area. After moving to Long Island from Scotland, Angus obtained a job in the construction industry and became interested in sustainable architecture. This led him to discover the benefits of window film and its usefulness for increasing energy efficiency. Today, he is considered one of the top window film experts in the area. Using his ten years of experience in diagnosing architectural concerns and knowledge of window tinting innovations, Angus helps his customers find the right film to accomplish their home or business goals. In his spare time, Angus enjoys sailing, traveling, and spending time in the park with his two Golden Retrievers, Alastair and Clyde.