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Window Film: Style, Security & Energy Efficiency All in One

Window film offers Long Island an all-in-one solution that can upgrade the security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics of any building, regardless of the type of architecture or application. Window film is affordable, effective, and highly versatile and comes in a variety of attractive styles. No matter what solution you’re seeking, whether it’s uv protection, privacy, comfort, or safety, window film can provide you with the architectural improvement your home or business needs.

Common Applications for Window Film in Long Island

From banks, hotels, and high rise buildings in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens to schools and apartment communities, and businesses along the coast or in the Hamptons, buildings of all types in the Long Island area can benefit from window tinting. Window tinting offers benefits for every type of home and building and can be used for an extensive variety of applications.

offices_buildings_Long Island_window-film

Office Buildings

Window film is a smart and stylish choice for any office. Not only can it help office buildings save money on energy costs, but it can also increase office productivity, add privacy to conference rooms, and protect staff and employees. With window tint, you can have your office running more efficiently and smoothly than ever before.

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Retail_Long Island_window-film

Retail Stores & Malls

Window film can turn any retail store, boutique, mall, or shopping center into a fun and attractive place for shoppers. Not only is it a great way to decorate your storefront, but it can also protect your merchandise from fading and being stolen. From anti graffiti film to uv protection tint and custom graphics film, a variety of tinting options are available for the retail industry.

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hotel_Long Island_window-film

Hotel & Hospitality

Running a successful hotel is all about keeping guests comfortable and happy. When guests are happy, they return and also refer their friends to your hotel and leave good reviews. With window film, you can easily optimize the temperatures of your guest rooms, make your hotel look beautiful, and save money on energy costs.

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Restaurants_Long Island_window-film


New York diners expect perfection and window film, you can easily meet their demands and exceed their expectations. Adding window film to your restaurant can make your space more comfortable for guests and provide them with a better dining experience. Additionally, it can protect your restaurant from theft, boost your street appeal, and save money on repairs.

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Schools_Long Island_window-film

Schools & Universities

From grade schools to colleges and universities, schools of all types and sizes in New York can benefit from window tinting. Window film keeps staff and students safe, saves money on energy costs and lighting, and can also improve student focus and raise classroom test scores. With window tinting, you can make your school a safe, fun, and productive learning environment for everyone.

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arena_Long Island_window-film

Arenas, Venues & Stadiums

Window tinting offers an energy saving and security solution that all Long Island arenas, venues, and stadiums can enjoy. Window film adds security to public buildings and can keep staff and patrons safe. In addition, it can also help sports arenas, theaters, and concert venues save money by improving window insulation and energy efficiency.

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security_tinting_Long Island_window-film

Secured Buildings

Police and fire stations, banks, detentions, and many other types of secure buildings in Long Island can benefit from window tinting. Window tinting can make staff and tenants more comfortable by improving the energy efficiency of a secured building and can also prevent vandalism, intrusion, and robberies.

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Mass Transit_Long Island_window-film

Mass Transit

Window tinting can help ease the challenges of running a transit system in busy New York City. Window film provides privacy for passengers, protects bus stops and transit centers from vandalism, and also saves airports and transit centers money on energy costs by improving the glazing performance and energy efficiency of glass.

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Government Buildings_Long Island_window-film

Government Building

As a hub for political activity in the United States, New York is home to many important government organizations that exist both at the local and national level, all of which can benefit from the many advantages that window film has to offer. Window film makes government buildings safer and more secure, improves office productivity, and saves money on energy costs year round.

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Museums_Long Island_window-film

Museums & Libraries

Museums, libraries, and art galleries in the Long Island can benefit from window tinting in both practical and aesthetic ways. Window film protects artifacts from being stolen and also prevents historic documents and artwork from fading. It’s also a great way to add color, custom signage, and decor to interior spaces as well as the exterior of buildings.

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catholic-church_Long Island_window-film


Religious buildings of all types and denominations can benefit from window tinting. Window tinting prevents stained glass windows and churchgoers from being harmed and also keeps church interiors looking beautiful and vibrant. With security, energy saving, or decorative tint, churches, temples, and cathedrals can create the perfect environment for religious activities and worship.

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