UV Protection Benefits of Window Film for Long Island

While many people are aware of the negative consequences that too sunlight can have on their skin and health, few realize that they are also affected by uv radiation while indoors. Approximately 50% or more of UVA rays contained in sunlight are able to pass through untreated glass. And when these rays come into contact with your furniture, skin, or flooring, the effects can be devastating. Window film offers Long Island residents and business a solution for UV protection that works without blocking out views or reducing indoor brightness. It prevents wood flooring and furniture from warping, protects fabrics from fading, and decreases the risks of uv related diseases such as skin cancer, eye disease, and premature aging.

UV Blocking Film in Long Island

Prevent furniture & flooring from fading.

In a city like Long Island that receives a generous amount of sun year round, uv protection is crucial for preventing fading in furniture, fabrics, and flooring. When exposed to too much uv radiation, dyes and colors lose their vibrant appearance, resulting in a bleached or faded look. Replacing faded or heat damaged items can be expensive and when left unaddressed may also depreciate the resale value of your home or commercial property. UV protection film ensures that your building and belongings stay beautiful and vibrant by blocking out 99.9% of uv rays that cause fading.


Protect occupants from cancer causing rays.

Long Island’s location along the Atlantic Ocean provides for warm, enjoyable summer days and an average of 168 sunny days a year. While the beautiful sunlight is certainly something that all Long Islands appreciate, it can also create an increased risk for exposure to uv radiation, even while indoors. Windows allow for uv rays to enter indoor environments and can negatively affect occupant health by causing cellular damages that lead to skin and eye diseases such as cancer. Window film keeps uv rays out and provides occupants with solar protection equivalent to SPF 1000.

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