Window Film for Long Island Hotels & Hospitality

Your guests expect a lot from your hotel when they come to stay. With window film, not only can you keep your guests safe and comfortable, but you can also impress them with an elegant and eye catching appearance. Window film makes hotels safer and more energy efficient, and can also add style, privacy, and decor. From high rise hotels in downtown Manhattan to bed and breakfasts and resorts along the coast or in the bay area, hotels of all types and sizes in the Long Island area can enjoy the many benefits of window film.

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Hotel Window Film Benefits

Long Island’s unique culture and history have made it a popular tourist destination for decades. When travellers come to stay at a hotel in the Long Island area, they have certain expectations. By adding window film to your hotel, you can ensure that your guests have an enjoyable stay and protect their privacy, safety, and comfort. In fact, window tinting offers a variety of benefits for hotels including:

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Climate control/energy savings: Hotels are notorious for the large amounts of energy they consume. Over the course of just a few years, heating and cooling costs can add up to thousands of dollars. Climate control film makes hotels more energy efficient, saves money year round, and keeps guests happy and comfortable.

Safety & security: Your guests and staff count on you to keep them safe and with a security window system, you can accomplish the job with ease. Security window film protects hotels and occupants from theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and a variety of other threats.

Aesthetics: Adding a decorative window film to your hotel can give it a more modern look and stylish appearance. From classic choices like frosted and sandblasted to glamourous hd graphic and custom prints, there are a variety of decorative tinting options for hotels.

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