Window Film for Long Island Mass Transit Systems

It’s estimated that over 55% of New Yorkers use public transit as their primary means of transportation. Transit companies have a responsibility to make sure that travelers get to their destination safely and on time and to protect the privacy and comfort of their passengers. Window film offers Long Island mass transit systems an easy way to create an enjoyable experience for all passengers by adding privacy, safety, and energy efficiency to transit cars and buildings. It’s a smart solution for transit systems of all types including airports, buses, light rails, subways, trains, and more.

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Mass Transit Window Film Benefits

Window film offers a solution to many of the challenges that transit systems in Long Island commonly face. It protects bus stops, elevators, and transit cars from being damaged by graffiti, keeps passengers safe, and also helps save money on energy costs and repairs. With window film for your Long Island airport, bus, or transit system, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of advantages that can benefit your staff, passengers, and business such as:

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Privacy & aesthetics: Window tint is perfect for adding privacy to public restrooms, private screening rooms, and other places that require a higher level of seclusion. It’s also an aesthetically pleasing option that can be customized in a variety of ways.

Safety/security: Security window systems are one of the smartest investments transit owners can make. They protect surfaces from scratching, etching, and other forms of graffiti and also keep passengers safe during accidents and emergencies.

Energy efficiency: Window tinting is a great way to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of a building without blocking out views or natural sunlight. It’s the perfect solution for airports, bus stations, and any other type of transit hub or center.

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