Window Film for Long Island Museums & Libraries

Create a welcoming look for your library or museum and protect staff, visitors, and valuables with window film. Window film offers Long Island museums and libraries an easy solution for improving security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. New York has a long standing history of being a city that’s heavily invested in the arts and literature. Locals and tourists alike enjoy visiting Long Island’s many exciting museums and libraries to learn about the city’s unique culture and history. With window film, you can add beautiful artistic flare and visual intrigue to your library or museum and give each and every one of your guests an unforgettable experience.

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Museum & Library Window Film Benefits

From art galleries and museums in uptown Manhattan to libraries in downtown New York City schools and universities, public buildings of all types in Long Island can enjoy the benefits of window film. Window film is an affordable and versatile solution that can improve the safety, comfort, and appearance of any building. It looks just as beautiful as custom glass and performs better than many triple and double pane options. Museums and libraries especially can benefit from the many advantages of window tinting such as:

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Aesthetics/decor: Adding custom signage, decor, and colorful accent walls or artwork to your museum or library is easy with decorative window film. Decorative film can be installed on virtually any flat surface and can be conveniently customized with any logo, color, or graphic you desire.

Safety & security: Security window systems are a durable defense mechanism that can protect museums from smash and grabs, accidents, and natural disasters. They can effectively deter intruders and prevent theft and vandalism with just one simple application.

Uv protection/energy savings: Window film uses spectrally selective technology to reject heat and uv rays. It provides protection against the sun and fading without blocking out natural light or obstructing outdoor views.

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