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Solar Gard Energy Saving Window Film for Long Island Properties

Solar Gard provides premier energy saving window film solutions that are perfect for any Long Island home or business. With superior heat rejection technology and other incredible, exclusive window film benefits, Solar Gard offers an all-in-one solution for addressing whatever concerns you may have regarding your property. Enjoy significant savings and energy efficiency without window replacement.

solar gard window film long island

The Silver Series

The Silver Series offers privacy, UV protection, and high solar heat rejection properties. With a highly reflective look that blocks sun damage and heat, the Silver Series is a great option for both homes and businesses in Long Island.

The Silver AG Series

The Silver AG Series promotes the same great benefits of the Silver Series but with the added advantage of Low-E insulation. The Low-E insulation is amazing for Long Island properties due to the dual-climate environment. With incredible insulation for savings in the winter and summer, homeowners and business owners can experience savings year-round.

The ULR Low Reflectivity Series

The ULR Low Reflectivity Series is perfect for properties looking for low reflectivity and better clarity. The ULR Low Reflectivity Series provides a great option for moderate solar heat rejection and high visible light transmissions.

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