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Hanita Coatings: Style, Safety & Energy Efficiency

Hanita Coatings window films provide Long Island homes and businesses with advanced performance for exceptional safety, energy efficiency, and beauty. Trusted by building professionals across the nation, Hanita window films are known for being reliable and durable and are a very versatile solution for improving the functionality and aesthetic appearance of any building. From increased safety and security to uv protection, privacy, and energy savings, these window films can accomplish just about anything and provide you with the architectural solution you need.

Hanita SolarZone
Hanita SolarZone films upgrade the glazing performance of glass and provide major energy savings year round. Not only are these window films a sustainable solution, but they’re also great for improving the comfort of a building, blocking uvs, and reducing glare.

  • Enhance building energy efficiency for long term sustainability
  • Reduce energy costs by up to 20% annually
  • Reject uv radiation that causes fading in furniture and flooring

Hanita SafetyZone
Hanita SafetyZone window films are designed based off of 30 years of field experience in Israel focused on improving building security. Manufactured from durable, high quality polyester, these films are able to resist virtually any threat and are tear and penetration resistant.

  • Hold shattered glass in place to prevent damage and injury
  • Protect against impact, blasts, and natural disasters
  • Maintain optimal clarity for crystal clear views and maximum VLT

Hanita Architectural Films
Hanita architectural window films offer the ultimate solution for enhancing the look of any building. Great for adding logos, graphics, and stylish elements, these window films are highly versatile and make building interiors and exteriors look stunning.

  • Eye catching designs add artistic flare, style, and color
  • Provide privacy for homes or commercial spaces
  • Offer an economical alternative to expensive custom glazing

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