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Long Island Window Film for Window Tinting in Hempstead, New York

If you’re looking for a window tinting contractor in Hempstead, the first most important thing to consider is experience. While a larger company may have higher prices, they may also provide better results due to the knowledge and experience of their staff. The next most important thing to consider is reputation. A reputable contractor will be able to provide you with references and will have a good reputation in the local community. Long Island Window Film is both an experienced and reliable contractor serving the Hempstead area of New York. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality results and top notch customer service and are the most highly regarded and trusted tinting contractor in the Hempstead area.

Window Film Benefits for Hempstead
Window film offers a wide range of benefits for Hempstead homes and businesses. Not only is it a reliable solution for improving the energy efficiency, security, or aesthetic appearance of a building, but it’s also affordable too. Window film costs only a fraction of the price of triple and double pane windows and is equally just as effective. With window film for your Hempstead home or office you can enjoy:

Energy savings: From Jones Beach to Queens, buildings in all areas of Hempstead can enjoy the energy savings benefits of window tinting. Window film saves up to 30% on energy costs, improves occupant comfort, and blocks out 99% of uv rays.

Safety/security: Terrance Avenue and other areas in Hempstead are known for being among the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. Window film protects Hempstead homes and business from theft, crime, and vandalism and keeps occupants safe.

Privacy/decor: Window tint offers an easy solution for adding privacy to your home or business and is also a very aesthetically pleasing choice. A variety of decorative films exist including frosted films, textured, and patterned options all of which can improve the appearance of nearly any room or building.

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