Anti Graffiti Benefits of Window Film for Long Island

For some, the graffiti covered buildings and colorful street art of the Bronx and Downtown Brooklyn is part of what makes Long Island unique and is an essential part of its character, but for business owners that have to deal with the vandalism, the story is much different. The damage caused by graffiti is often expensive to repair. At Long Island Window Film, we understand the hassle that graffiti can cause which is why we’re here to offer a wide selection of anti graffiti window films. Anti graffiti window films provide Long Island business owners and schools with reliable vandalism protection and are an affordable, cost friendly alternative to repair or restoration.

anti-graffiti-window-film-scratches Film in Long Island

Save money on repairs.

While many New Yorkers view graffiti as a beautiful form of expressive art, the perspective is quite different for business owners whose buildings have been vandalised and have to face the financial burden of making repairs or replacing damaged items. Replacing entire structures such as restroom partitions, elevators, mirrors, or metal signs can be a costly expense and one that most business owners can’t afford. Anti graffiti film offers a more affordable way to repair damaged or vandalised surfaces. This thick, durable film covers up and conceals all forms of scratching, etching, and marking and is a much more cost friendly alternative to repairs and replacement.


Protect your reputation.

The cost of graffiti goes beyond just the expense of repairs; it can also ruin your reputation. The presence of graffiti on the side of a building or on bathroom stalls or mirrors can alter the perception that guests have of a business and give them reason to feel that a building is unsafe or unclean. Anti graffiti film offers a way to protect your building and the reputation of your business. Anti graffiti films prevent surfaces from being damaged by scratching, paint, marker, or vandalism. If the film ever gets tagged, it can simply be removed and replaced for a clean, graffiti free appearance.

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