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Energy Saving Benefits of Window Film for Long Island

The East Coast is known for its warm, humid summers and chilling winter conditions, and Long Island, New York is no exception. Temperatures in Long Island can easily below freezing during the winter, accounting for 20 to 35 inches of snowfall, while summer temps can rise well above 90 degrees. Window film is a choice that makes sense for Long Island homes and businesses because it provides year round comfort and save money on energy expenses. With a price tag that’s only half the cost of triple and double pane glazing and an sleek, modern appearance, it’s an attractive choice for Long Island homes, schools, hotels, apartments, and commercial buildings of all types.

Cut down on costs for heating and air conditioning.

According to the U.S. Department of energy, single pane windows account for nearly 30% of the energy loss that occurs in the average home or building. Single pane glass typically has very little to no insulation, which allows heat to pass through it easily. While triple and double pane windows perform better than single pane, these options are an investment that rarely ever pays off due to their tremendous expense. Window film offers an affordable alternative to window replacement that can help Long Island home and business owners save money. It boosts the insulating power of glass, improves hvac efficiency, and can save hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling expenses annually.


Improve your indoor climate and comfort.

While the western part of Long Island, including the areas of Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau county, face the typical challenges of the “urban heat island” effect, areas along the eastern part near the coast combat cold winters and high precipitation. Not only can these conditions cause higher than normal energy expenses, but they can also affect the indoor climate and comfort of a building. With window film for your Long Island home or office, you can control indoor temperatures more easily and keep your guests, family, and employees happy.

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