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HDClear: Custom Printed Decorative Film

HDClear Window Films deliver stunning appearance and performance. HDClear films allow Long Island home and business owners to add colorful custom graphics to any window or surface. Manufactured using advanced printing techniques and high quality ink, these window films are extraordinarily vibrant and sharp as well as extremely durable. With HDClear, you can add privacy and beauty to any space in your home or business and completely transform the appearance of your building.

HDClear Decorative Film
HDClear Decorative Films act as high impact visuals that can completely transform ordinary glass into beautiful works of art. HDClear films have the ability to be printed with any graphic, color, and image, and allow you to truly customize the look of your space.

  • Proprietary printing process creates stunning high definition visuals
  • Add privacy to conference rooms, meeting areas, and any other space
  • Available in single and double sided, transparent, translucent, and gradient options

HDSolar Energy Saving Film
HDSolar films offer a solution for reducing heat and glare while also enhancing building aesthetics. These window films use spectrally selective technology to filter sunlight to make building interiors more comfortable and energy efficient.

  • Reduce glare and reject up to 97% of infrared heat
  • Block 99% of uv rays that cause fading and health disease
  • Custom printing options provide endless design possibilities

HDSafety Security Film
HDSafety films provide defense against intruders, vandals, and natural disasters. These advanced security window films hold glass together upon impact, protecting occupants and building interiors.

  • Prevent smash and grabs and forced entry
  • Reduce damage from blasts and natural disasters
  • Protect surfaces from being damaged by graffiti

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