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Protect The Most Sensitive Areas Of Your Long Island Office

Privacy in offices important challenge for Long Island businesses to address our modern times of open office design.  With the ubiquity of computer being used in every part of every office nationwide, the need for a solution to keep data on screens safe is needed. Understandably, businesses and owners here in Long Island want the creativity and teamwork that glassed-in spaces at work allow for.  However, sensitive information is then laid bare for everyone in the office and even those visiting to see. This is especially problematic for departments that deal with sensitive information: Accounting and Human Resources as an example. However, there is a solution to privacy in offices that are open with a lot of glass called Casper Cloaking film.  One of the latest innovations in window film technology, this film is designed specifically to obscure only screens behind clear glass. This film is critical to protect employees, clients and highly sensitive or strategic information from being displayed on screens behind glass and then being used in an improper fashion.

What Is Casper Cloaking Film?

Casper Cloaking Films is a clear film which when applied to glass, allows your LED and LCD screens to be 100% obscured from the outside looking in.  Those walking will see black boxes instead of tv or computer screen– revealing no information not meant for outside eyes. This prevents information from being disseminated to people who may not have the clearance to see it.  Casper Cloaking Film is also a great solution for Long Island offices with glassed-in conference rooms, where privacy solutions are make-shift and usually end up being paper, haphazardly taped up on the glass to block out unwanted eyes.  Offices with HR or Accounting departments that are glassed likely benefit the most from cloaking films since they get the privacy they need to process paychecks, hiring information and employee records without having to worry about anyone seeing the information accidentally.  Furthermore, Casper Cloaking Film comes in many stylish patterns to compliment any offices existing design. Meaning you get the privacy you need with no sacrifice of the functionality or style.

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Long Island Window Film For Casper Cloaking Film

At Long Island Window Film, we are proud to be one of the Long Island areas most trusted installers of Casper Cloaking Film technology.  We are always happy to provide information and pricing on Casper Cloaking Films or any of the other window films we carry. Contact us to schedule a free, onsite estimate contact Long Island Window Film today!

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