Window Film for Long Island Schools & Universities

High crime rates, vandalism, and constant budget cuts are real life challenges that many schools in the Long Island area have to work to overcome on a daily basis. While these challenges may be ever present, overcoming them can become easier with window tinting. Window film offers Long Island schools a solution for saving money on energy costs and protecting school buildings, staff, and students. Studies show that many schools who install window tinting reduce their energy expenses by up to 30% annually and see improvements in student focus and higher averages for classroom test scores.

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School Window Film Benefits

From preschools and daycares to grade schools, colleges, and universities, schools of every level and size in Long Island can enjoy the benefits of window tinting. Window film is a highly versatile solution that can help improve the energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetic appearance of schools and is also very affordable and cost friendly. Many schools who install window film see a full payback on their investment in three years or less. School window film offers a variety of benefits including:

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Solar control: Window tinting offers a year round for saving money on energy costs and reducing glare. It improves hvac efficiency, keeps schools warm and comfortable during Long Island’s cold winters, and saves money on summer cooling costs.

Safety/security: More and more schools in the Long Island are are switching to window film for security purposes. Window film offers a way to protect staff and students in the event of an accident or natural disaster and can also prevent theft, vandalism, and intrusion.

Decoration: A variety of decorative window tinting options exist for schools, including whiteboard film, privacy film, and custom graphic prints. Adding one or more of these options to your school can make it look warm and welcoming and create a fun, positive learning environment for students.

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