Distraction Markers For Long Island Commercial Spaces

In some cities, it is the law for businesses to add distraction markers to their glass. Distraction markers are decorative window film that is added to transparent glass to make it more visible.  This prevents people from walking into glass features they don’t see and hurting themselves.  They can be added to any glass surface in your commercial space to increase glass safety and get it up to building codes.  Even though these amazing window films increase safety, they have many other benefits too. 

Distraction Markers for Safety

The most important advantage of using distraction markers is safety.  Glass doors and walls can be dangerous if someone walks into them accidentally.  Since glass walls have become a very popular feature in offices the danger of someone walking into the clear glass without realizing it is there has increased. Distraction markers will not only protect people in your commercial space but also will limit the scope damage and cost of repairs should an accident occur. 

Distraction Markers Branding

Top companies understand the importance of visual branding.  It creates a strong and memorable identity for businesses. Distractions markers are an excellent way to brand the glass features like windows and doors.  Since distraction markers are essentially decorative window film, you can have it applied with a custom logo or an eye-catching design. This means distraction markers are not only a safety measure but an opportunity to use glass features in commercial spaces as a branding opportunity to increase business.  

Distraction Markers Privacy

The use of clear glass walls to divide your space may look beautiful, but they provide absolutely no privacy. The addition of decorative distraction markers adds privacy as well as safety to any commercial space.  You can get as little or as much privacy as you need since distraction markers are 100% customizable.  This distraction marker window film is a total privacy solution that makes for stylish decor features with no loss of natural light.

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We carry all types of distraction markers. These decorative films are fully customizable so we can make any color or style design for your commercial space. . Do not wait until an accident happens to have them installed.  With all the benefits distraction markers have for your business they are definitely worth the relatively small investment.   Installation takes only a matter of hours and these films can be easily removed if you ever want to change up the design. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and start your design consultation.

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