It can be exciting once you’re better acquainted with the window film world– there are so many different benefits and options that help you achieve what you want to do. With numerous, exclusive benefits, it can be tough choosing the right option for your home or business. The two most popular benefits that residential and commercial clients tend to look for are energy conservation and security. Do you have to pick one over the other? Can security film provide energy savings?

Energy-Efficient Safety and Security Window Film for Your Long Island Property

Most security films do not provide energy conservation. However, there are a few security film products that do. Vista, LLumar, and 3M all manufacture specialty security films that promote energy savings. These window film options have different ranges of solar heat rejection technology, making it important to research them so you can compare and contrast. A professional window film contractor should be able to provide an accurate comparison regarding the pros and cons. These energy-efficient security films often provide UV protection and glare reduction benefits as well. Other potential benefits are privacy and decorative– ask your contractor if you’re interested in these too. Energy-efficient security film is recommended for schools, homes, businesses, and any property looking to improve security and energy usage.

Work with Long Island’s Number One Source for Energy-Saving Security Film

Long Island Window Film is honored to be the number one source for energy-saving security film. We’ve partnered with all the leading manufacturers to provide the best selection of security and energy-efficient window film. We’re happy to provide on-site security assessments to better understand the vulnerabilities of your property. Enjoy incredible options along with all the benefits you need.

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