Building interiors in NYC take a lot of hits over the year–it is, after all the city that never sleeps.  Even New York Commercial spaces outside of the city see a great deal of traffic and this traffic brings with it both commerce–and damages.  Things like scratches, scuffs, and even dents occur regularly and mean commercial spaces need to be repaired or renovated frequently.  Interior remodels are expensive–whether you are changing your space because of damage or just to modernize it. This is where technology like DI-NOC surface films are invaluable.  They are self-adhesive films that we here at New York Commercial Window Film can apply to most flat surfaces to replenish the finish.  If you are worried about finding something that matches your current interiors–no need! There are over 800 finishes for you to choose from: metal, marble, stone, wood, solids, abstract designs, and more. The best part–they cost only a fraction of a remodel and last just as long as the original feature.

The Benefits of DI-NOC for your New York Space

When you choose DI-NOC surface films for remodels you are doing a lot more for drastically less cost-wise–but there are a whole lot of other benefits to these amazing films too! 

  • Durability:  Wear and tear on the flat surfaces of commercial spaces is going to wear down any material and cause it to need repair.  Depending on which film you choose DI-NOC comes with a 5 to 10-year warranty.  This means it cost less and lasts just as long
  • Adaptability:  Sometimes a new look is all you want–even if you don’t have extensive surface damage. DI-NOC surface films are an easy, inexpensive way to remodel aging interiors for a whole new look. 
  • Sustainability:   Reducing waste is a pillar of smart commercial ownership. Full renovations on any space mean a lot of needless waste of good foundational materials. Using surface films gives the same effect as a full remodel with significantly less waste.   
  • Fire-Safety:  Keeping your tenants and clients safe in a commercial environment is always on a building owner’s mind. Most 3M DI-NOC surface films come with NFPA 101 “Life Safety Code” and Test Method ASTM E84 Class-A fire rating. So you can rest assured you have done all you can for safety with these films!
  • Low Maintenance:  Besides being beautiful, these films are incredibly easy to maintain.  Your janitorial staff will thank you when all they need to do is use a basic detergent and water to keep them scuff-free!  

For more information on these amazing films contact us at New York Commercial Window Film today to browse samples of finishes and get pricing!

Angus Faith is a window film installer working in the Long Island area. After moving to Long Island from Scotland, Angus obtained a job in the construction industry and became interested in sustainable architecture. This led him to discover the benefits of window film and its usefulness for increasing energy efficiency. Today, he is considered one of the top window film experts in the area. Using his ten years of experience in diagnosing architectural concerns and knowledge of window tinting innovations, Angus helps his customers find the right film to accomplish their home or business goals. In his spare time, Angus enjoys sailing, traveling, and spending time in the park with his two Golden Retrievers, Alastair and Clyde.