School‘s out for the summer making it a great time to really consider your current security measures. Security teams, security systems, and surveillance cameras are all great options for keeping your students and teachers safe. While these security options do cover most of the bases, there are some circumstances where they can actually fall short. In the event that an assailant or natural disaster makes its way through your school, having other preventative measures in place is optimal. Security window film offers that second layer of defense for keeping your Long Island school safe.

The Advantages of Security Window Film for Your Long Island School

Security window film can provide extensive protection in the case of a break-in, burglary, natural disaster, freak accident, and more. Don’t depend on security systems and cameras to catch every potential threat. If one of these existing security measures fails, having a preventative step in place can save lives. Security film works by bonding glass fragments together, providing additional strength and flexibility to your windows and doors. This ensures that glass hazards can’t injure or kill anyone. Broken glass is the leading cause of injury and death in blast events, making this a significant safety measure to invest in. Security film also provides precious time since it makes it much harder to gain access to your property. Give students and teachers ample time to escape or better hide until the police arrive.

Work with Long Island’s Trusted School Security Experts

Long Island Window Film is honored to be the trusted school security experts serving the Long Island area. We’re proud to provide comprehensive school security counseling and have a team of security experts available. We provide thorough security assessments for all of our clients.

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