It’s easy to get wrapped up in the details and business of our day to day lives and forget about how what we do impacts the environment and eco system around us. Our society demands that we work and make a living in order to survive. Unfortunately, many of the things we do to protect our own future negatively impact the animals and environment around us, like building tall offices and skyscrapers.

Each year, millions of birds lose their lives from flying into the office buildings we build and work in. As humans, we’re able to identify the distinct difference between the sky and a window, but to birds, these two things look the same. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution for this situation that doesn’t require us to stop building or lose our jobs. By installing bird strike window film, Long Island property owners can do their part to prevent bird collisions and protect the environment.

Save Lives with Bird Strike Window Film for your Long Island Office

Besides being beautiful, birds are important because they play a vital role in our eco system. As humans we depend on birds in many ways. Birds keep the earth clean by eating animals and insects and help pollinate the plants and food that we cultivate. If bird populations decline, our lives could be majorly impacted.

By installing bird strike window film for your Long Island office, you can do you part to protect birds’ lives. Bird strike window films are a type of decorative window film designed to prevent bird collisions by making windows visible to birds. Patterns, stripes, tinted dyes, and dots help birds identify that the area in front of them is not like the rest of the sky, indicating that they need to fly around it.

Benefits of Window Tinting in Long Island

Installing bird strike window film can be beneficial for your business in many ways. Not only are you doing your part to save wildlife, but you can also enjoy the benefits that window film offers. By installing window film, you can save money on energy costs, eliminate glare in your office, and protect your furniture and flooring from fading.

Install Bird Strike Window Film for your Long Island Building

Help save birds’ lives by installing bird strike window film for your Long Island office or commercial building. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for installation.

Angus Faith is a window film installer working in the Long Island area. After moving to Long Island from Scotland, Angus obtained a job in the construction industry and became interested in sustainable architecture. This led him to discover the benefits of window film and its usefulness for increasing energy efficiency. Today, he is considered one of the top window film experts in the area. Using his ten years of experience in diagnosing architectural concerns and knowledge of window tinting innovations, Angus helps his customers find the right film to accomplish their home or business goals. In his spare time, Angus enjoys sailing, traveling, and spending time in the park with his two Golden Retrievers, Alastair and Clyde.