Long Island is filled with numerous public venues that offer great events and fun outings for both locals and tourists. The abundance of public properties throughout the city should be viewed with caution– with mass shootings and domestic attacks happening throughout the country, preventative measures must be invested in. Security teams and systems can lower the risk of threat but sometimes these measures fail. Bomb blast and ballistic resistant window film delivers the preventative solutions that any public building should invest in.

Advantages of Bomb Blast and Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your Long Island Public Building

Bomb blast and ballistic resistant window film offers the comprehensive defense required for minimizing risk of serious injury and blast-related death. Both of these options are specialty security window films that can be installed on your existing glass doors and windows. Ballistic resistant window film does require thicker glass than bomb blast film in order to be effective in resisting gunfire. Bomb blast window film provides a less expensive option out of the two and can safeguard against break-ins, burglaries, explosions, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. Ballistic resistant window film can actually defend against all of these threats in addition to gunshots. By pacifying broken glass hazards, both security films can save potential lives and minimize the consequences of these unfortunate events.

Installation Process for Specialty Security Window Film in Long Island Public Buildings

Long Island Window Film has worked with countless public properties throughout the Long Island area in order to optimize public safety for our community. We utilize the utmost discretion when it comes to defending your property, offering invisible protection and the element of surprise. Our installations are always worry-free and completed in the most timely fashion to reduce operational downtime.

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